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Interactive training courses design

Based on the client’s training needs, we develop didactic strategies, instructional design, multimedia scripts, and visual design.

We use Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate, depending on the client’s requirements, to create dynamic and engaging manuals that include animations, games, and assessments for the learners.

These manuals can be integrated into any Learning Management System (LMS) thanks to the SCORM standard.

Client: Dirección de Vialidad de la Provincia del Chaco.
Temporary Road Sign Implementation Manual for roadworks. Targeted at private contractors and operators.

Client: Tarjeta Naranja (Naranja X nowadays).
Selected interactive manuals: Sales training for personal signature loans and the use of the administrative area of the Tienda Naranja software.

Client: Cámara de Electrodomésticos y Afines de Córdoba.
Interactive Process Management Manual for employee training at affiliated companies: sales, post-sales, warehouse and inventory management, and dispatch and delivery of goods.

Client: Banco de la Provincia de Córdoba (Bancor).
Various interactive manuals under the SCORM standard: Induction, Fire Prevention and Evacuation, and Introduction to Branch Banking Administration.

Client: Córdoba Immersions.
The Mayan Talisman Adventure.
Storytelling. Interactive adventure for learning English. Story, script, character development, animations, and game programming by Learningway.

Client: ProCórdoba, Agencia para la Promoción de las Exportaciones.

Selection of interactive training materials aimed at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises interested in their services: ‘International Fairs‘ and ‘Services of the Pro Córdoba Agency‘.

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